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Serving Santa

While attempting to serve a Summons and Complaint in Denver, we noticed two vehicles, one in the driveway, the other parked on the street, however no one would answer the door. We assumed that Billy Bob knew we were after him, because we served his business partner the prior day. Before leaving, we the noted each license plate number to determine if either of the vehicles belonged to the subject. Once back at the office, we ran the plate numbers and found the truck parked in the driveway belonged to Billy.

On our second attempt at service, the truck was gone and we were told by the roommate the suspect Billy Bob left town to visit his uncle out of state. Of course, the roommate did not have any idea how to contact Billy nor when he would return. About our fourth attempt, we saw Bill’s truck parked in the driveway. Yet again, no one answered the door. We decided it was time to talk to neighbors. They informed us Billy was the middle of three brothers, each similar in build, each having a white Santa Claus beard, yet the oldest was the tallest and the youngest was the shortest. The neighbors also verified the truck belonged to Billy.

After ten attempts I thought we had struck gold. When we turned the corner onto Billy’s street, I saw not one, but two males with a Santa Claus beard leaning against the front of the truck parked in the driveway. Soon I found it was “not” my lucky day. The two males were the oldest and the youngest brothers. I verified by seeing their driver licenses. As it goes with folks attempting to avoid service the whole family is usually involved in helping the suspect hide.

We requested and were authorized to do surveillance. This was awkward because we were doing surveillance on a truck parked around the block and we had no idea which of the brothers would make the trip through the jungle to get to it.
I decided to take my digital camera, because for all I knew the brothers could have swapped driver licenses to protect Billy. All I knew was who ever got in the truck was getting their picture taken and served. I figured we could sort it out in court.

I arrived about 5:30 a.m. and was very glad to see the truck parked on the block behind the house. About 7:30 a.m. I saw a man wearing a cowboy hat emerge from the field and start towards the truck. I started my car and drove through the intersection towards the truck. The man noticed my vehicle and changed direction to walk past the passenger side of the truck. By the time I stopped my vehicle the man who had a Santa Claus beard had walked about 50 feet past the truck, as if it did not belong to him.

I called out his name to which he grunted and shook his head no. Again, calling out his name with the same response. I stated “if you want to play games let’s play like this.” I ran 10 feet in front of him, snapped his picture with my digital camera to which he responded “Okay, you got me, what do you have for me”, extending his hand to accept the papers. Upon accepting the summons and complaint, Billy turned around walked back to the truck, unlocked the door, started the vehicle and drove away.

I do not know how I controlled my excitement, because when I got back to my vehicle I threw my arms in the air, yelling “gotcha!” After my end zone dance, I turned on the camera wanting to see the picture of a stunned man with a Santa Claus beard, only to find that in my excitement I took a picture of the street.

Maybe the title of this story should be “Picture of the Year.”