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Magnum-Diego proudly provides process serving, document retrieval, surveillance, investigation, skip tracing and court filing services in the Denver metro area and across the Front Range. We understand all of the laws surrounding the services we offer and we keep up with all of the latest news, methods and technology in order to increase the efficiency and quality of our services. We believe communication with our clients throughout the service of process is not only necessary but makes the process easier on our clients. We notify you via email at every incremental step during the service of process and we send you the notarized affidavit. We focus on effecting service professionally and efficiently.

Our team is highly experienced in the service of process, which gives you the peace of mind that your documents will be served correctly. Unlike other process servers, your service fee includes an unlimited number of attempts with no additional charges. At times we encounter individuals who have mastered the craft of avoiding service of process. Our team is well versed with techniques and strategies to effect service of process in this situations. Although there are additional fees for these drastic measures, they require prior client approval. We operate in a manner that demands a high degree of professionalism and discretion in order to better serve our clients. Magnum-Diego is highly committed to producing the desired results for our clients in all of the services we offer.

Service of Process

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Magnum-Diego provides investigative services and our investigators are licensed through the State of Colorado.  We offer a variety investigative services to include background checks, skip tracing, asset and bank... Learn More »

Skip Trace

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Service of Process We use surveillance as a tool to effect service of process on individuals attempting to avoid service. We are qualified, professional process servers and we keep... Learn More »

Asset Searches

Asset searches provide an accurate financial picture of an individual or entity. The information is useful in determining the ability to collect from an individual or entity.  Our vendors... Learn More »